Wish List

In addition to donating money, there are other ways you can help Cascade AIDS Project.   We serve a broad array of clients with many different needs.  New items are preferred, but we are open to slightly used donations as well.  We are always looking for the following:

  • Socks, hats, gloves — for adults and children.
  • Day planners & calendars — it can be hard to get stay on top of meetings, appointments, and schedules without a planner.
  • Bus tickets and bus passes — Those we serve are working toward self-reliance but getting to an appointment is hard without transportation.  Gifts like this mean a lot.
  • Laundry and dish soap —  clean clothing and clean dishes are imperative.
  • Cleaning supplies —  expecting a clean house is not easy when you have no cleaning supplies.
  • Long and short sleeved shirts for men and women working in the elements.
  • Copy paper for programming.
  • Movie tickets as a way to reinforce good work.
  • Gift cards for gas, food stores, and department stores for one-time supports.

If you think we might need it at CAP, chances are, you are right.  Call Peter Parisot for more information at 503.278.3850.