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According to the Oregon Department of Human Services, some important statewide HIV trends in Oregon during 2004 – 2006  include:

  • The number of new HIV infections diagnosed by year of diagnosis has remained stable at approximately 300 per year, and the number of deaths have remained constant at approximately 100 per year.
  • Approximately 59% of all reported cases of HIV infection were residents of Multnomah County at the time of their case report; Multnomah County accounts for 19% of Oregon’s estimated 2005 population.
  • Persistently, approximately 40% of newly reported HIV infections have progressed to AIDS at the time of diagnosis or within 12 months.
  • After a nadir of 151 newly diagnosed cases in 1999 and 142 in 2000, new HIV/AIDS diagnoses among men who have sex with men have risen more than 20% to 171 and 182 during 2004 and 2005.

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United States

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