Youth at CAP

Young people are at the heart of the movement to prevent HIV infections, raise awareness, and increase access to sexual health services. The youth of Portland are an activated and powerful part of this movement, for good reason. Nationally, youth ages 13 – 29 account for 31% of new HIV infections, and nearly half of all new STD infections. Their access to accurate sexual health information and competent services is inconsistent across the country and our state. With that in mind, CAP, in collaboration with the amazing youth in our community, offer several youth-focused programs for the young people in Oregon…


CHATpdx is a collaboration between Cascade AIDS Project, Outside In, and the African American AIDS Awareness Action Alliance (A6) to provide HIV/AIDS education, testing, peer education, and social networking opportunities to minority and at-risk youth in Portland.  What does this mean? It means we have an amazing crew of peer educators who are trained to do youth-led sex education. It means we use online venues like facebook, twitter, blogs, and youtube to engage youth in dialogue around sexual health issues and offer resources. It means we offer free youth-only rapid HIV testing. And so much more! Click here to learn more.

Sex Ed in Schools

Oregon has one of the most progressive, youth-competent Sexual Health Education laws in this country, and CAP is here to help this law become a reality. All Oregon publicly funded schools are mandated to provide comprehensive sexual health education every year of middle school and at least twice in high school. To find out how CAP can help your school do this, click here.