Volunteer HIV Tester Program

Volunteer Testers

CAP launched its Volunteer HIV Tester Program in January 2012 in search of volunteers to help fight the HIV epidemic by being on the front line and conducting HIV testing and counseling sessions. Since then, CAP has trained over 20 volunteers who conduct nearly one third of all HIV tests at CAP, Pivot, outreach events, and satellite clinics.

The Volunteer HIV Tester Program at CAP trains qualified volunteers to become HIV Testers. These Volunteer HIV Testers perform confidential and anonymous HIV counseling/testing screenings for a variety of populations. A successful HIV tester has excellent listening skills, a nonjudgmental approach to counseling, and an inherent ability to navigate potentially emotional situations.

Training cycles are held every 3 to 6 months. There is an application and interview process to select volunteers. If selected, a one year commitment is required with a minimum of 2 testing shifts and a team meeting once a month. If you have any questions about the selection process or general inquiries about the program, please contact Boone via email at bkizer@cascadeaids.org or by phone at 503.278.3870.